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Prime Stuff Limited offers courses to enhance your career and professional development skills. The topics and activities we offer are designed to inspire you to deliver service excellence.
Our mission is to prepare our diverse student body for successful careers in the hospitality and tourism industry by providing them with the relevant quality education and work experience to successfully operate service oriented business entities.
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Admission Open for 2021

Prime Stuff provides an academic experience that offers great diversity and depth and equips the student with the skill set required to ensure success in every operational area of hospitality organizations.

Students will divide their time between working on assignments, reports or presentations, reading, listening to class lectures, and field trips. We run our Hospitality programs in a dynamic and structured manner, with interactive and interesting material that is shared by professionals in the business.


At Prime Stuff, we pride ourselves in making our students grow both professionally and personally by fusing practice with academics. This unique approach makes us the best suited to build future hospitality leaders.

Prime Stuff does not just create and accompany leaders, we develop a smart community of people that will deliver always more added human value to our ever-changing world. We believe that soft skills paired with great know-how is what defines the most inspiring people. This is how we redefine hospitality excellence: a smart mix of autonomous thinking, respect, empathy and caring for others.


Our Mission is to offer a transformative experience to open your mind to the diverse career opportunities in hospitality, travel, entertainment, luxury brands, high tech and many more.

Prime Stuff introduces you to the trends and issues that are shaping the future, based on examples from the hospitality and service industries.

Overall, you will acquire a strong foundation of business knowledge and a useful set of soft skills for future academic and professional success.


Our vision is to  bring together the best in hospitality practice, management education, and research, whilst we create the higher education of action-driven individuals and develop insightful thinking together with innovative practices in the international service industry.



Prime Stuff aims to develop our students entrepreneurial skills and bring awareness of vocational training opportunities.

Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Esther Passaris
Nairobi Women Representative

Appreciate experiential education, a social learning context, and an appreciation for lifelong learning.

Big Ted
State House Director of Brand Strategy and Events
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